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Tracking – What is SHIPMENT TRACKING

What is shipment tracking?


Tracking of the parcels or the logging of the packages it is basically the process of localizing the shipping containers, mails and the parcels place either they are at the manufacturing place the assembly line, warehouses or on their way to the destination and the complete information is given to the customer through shipment tracking facility. It aids the customer in many respects because he is surely satisfied that his order is on its way and if certain hurdles are there in the delivery than that information is also provided to the customer because it is of his concern.



Now a days the world has been transformed in to a global society with the development in the technologies various new applications have made a great impact on the screen of our life and now we are wholly being dependent on that technology now a day it is not us who are living but the technology is making us live technology has just gone in a new phase in the todays century people are now a minute or a second away from each other thus, it has aided us in many respects the most important aspect that what technology has provided us is that of online trading you can just trade online this particular era where ever you live you have access to the online markets or store there you can buy the products of your own desire and for buying you have to place the order and the site operator will inform whether the stock is available or not than if available it would be dispatched to you on the current mentioned date if there would be no hindrances.



Whenever people place the order they are indeed very eager to know where is their product  and in how much time it would take to be in our very hands for that purpose of tracking shipment tracking codes are also provided to the customer for the purpose of tracking their product at the time of making an order for the purchase of the particular product they had wished for .Tracking of the shipment is really important because sometimes people just are not well aware of the fact that their product would take some delay in the delivery due to many conditions with the customer is unaware of.



Here, are some shipment tracking details which everybody needs to be well aware of they are illustrated as under.

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First of all the form is filled up the customer for the product he want to acquire for that purpose full detail about him or her , permanent address , phone number, e-mail and other important information are collected from the customer during the filling of the form.


The way bill number


The tracking number shown on the shipping label is known as the way bill number. This number is automatically generated when you make an order sometimes this number could serve as shipment tracking number while in other case a new number is allotted for the shipment tracking.


Shipment ID


Whenever a person is using the UPS technology in order to complete the invoice he or she is provided with the 11 digit ID that is known as the shipment ID. This shipment ID is used by the customer for tracking his or her shipment where exactly is their shipment coming from the desired and the accurate form of information about the tracking of the shipment is given to the customer.



In the sellers record the date on which the order has taken place is written but on the parcel the date is mentioned on which the parcel is shipped above or below the tracking ID or the way bill number the date is mentioned this is that date when the shipment is usually handed over to the UPS.


Invoice number


Among the jobs of the shipper one more job is to assign the invoice number with respect to the shipment tracking number it is basically optional for the shipper whether he assigns the shipment with the invoice number or not.

Purchase order number


With regards to the invoice number and the shipment tracking number the purchase order number is also to be mentioned and it’s the job of the shipper in order to do so with regards to invoice number the purchase order number is also optional for the shipper whether he assigns the shipment with the purchase order number or not it depends on the shipper.

Term of sale


Whenever a person places an order it is not compulsory that the seller must be of the same native country from where he or she belongs sometimes it happens that the buyer and the seller are from two different countries and in order to do the business between them they both should have to follow some terms and policies rather they have to pay some extra amount as a tax whereas, some markets that usually use to do business online for example many online stores are working these days online and they offer free shipment facilities to their customer all over the world what they do is they pay all the taxes on your behalf and help you in shopping online at reasonable rates without any shipment problems which many people have to suffer and hence for that shipment problems they usually do not shop online.

Reason for export


The reason for the export of the product is also mentioned in the shipment detail whether it is a gift or a repairing product or goods that are being delivered basically the nature of shipment products is mentioned which provide ease to many people in the way of handling and imposing taxes in it. Everything regarding the shipment when the order is placed can be found with the help of shipment tracking ID which is provided to the customer by the seller this would help him in inquiring his or her product delivery date and all the basic information regarding that.