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Canada Post is the most easy convenient, trustworthy and affordable service provider of parcel delivery services across Canada. They are focused more on their customers by providing them the innovative services to build a foundation of customer satisfaction and operational excellence. The Canada post tracking allows the business to send their packages confidently anywhere in the world with safety as they required. They treat their customers like king, that is even their package haven’t start the journey they kind of integrate their system with their customers’ requirements and build a relationship and give them the experts’ advice that best suits their need and can help them succeed.

It is the specialty of Canada post that they can reach more than 15 million addresses across Canada and provide them with the services with 100% customer satisfaction. They have nearly 6000 post offices that are conveniently located and provide the customers with more choices for parcel receiving and delivering system. They are the market share leader from business to the consumers in delivering parcels across Canada.

The Canada post tracking provides the online shoppers experience that offers an outstanding experience in the online shopping journey. Through outstanding experiences the customers often do the repeat sales through which the Canada post helps the business to grow substantially.

However serving 15 million peoples across Canada with the Canada post tracking services they are still improving for their customers so that they can experience the best parcel delivery service. With innovating services and competitive service performance the Canada post tracking service is still working hard even at the peak holidays seasons so that their customers can get the best services which the required.

Canada post tracking services includes


Following are some of the Canada post tracking services

  1. Flex delivery

The Canada post tracking would give you the facility of the flex delivery through which the customers can easily pick up and drop their packages from their nearby post offices. This flex delivery provides the customers to ensure that their packages would be safe and sound in the Canada post hands.


  1. Delivered tonight

The Canada post tracking services provides its customers the facility of rapid delivery under the service name delivered tonight. These services generally delivered the packages within the days including packages such as urgent e commerce shipments, credit card deliveries and paid delivery of electronic devices.

  1. Parcel lockers

The Canada post tracking is making the online shopping experience very easy by introducing the parcel locker service. Through this service the customers can receive their packages even if they are not at home. The parcel is delivered to the locker compartment saving the customer’s precious time.

  1. Weekend deliveries

The Canada post tracking have launch the weekend deliveries systems through which the they can operates in the tough holidays seasons and so that they can deliver their customers even in the peaks hours.

  1. Outbound tracked packets

The outbound tracked packets service would provide the Canada post customers to ensure the ecommerce fulfillment and would be ideally suited for the ecommerce shopping.  Through this outbound tracked packets service they can track their package throughout their journey.

Canada Post Tracking and Canada Post 

Finding information about the parcel


Canada post tracking provides the facility to track the information about their parcel with the help of various facilities which are as under

  1. Canada postal guide

This guide would give the overall view of the Canada post working that how they work and how they deliver the outbound parcel and how they provides all the services to its valuable customers.

  1. Online business centers

Canada post tracking has deployed the online business center which facilitates their customers with the valuable information about their packages. These centers would give the customers all the information about their packages and would give all the tracking information.

  1. Shipment tracking

The Canada post provides the complete guide on their shipment tracking through which the customers can track their packages anywhere in the world and can get the online updates about their packages that where it has reached and when it would arrive. This shipment tracking facility would provide the customers the ease of pick and drop of their packages and can be stress about all the hustle related to the packages.

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How to track the parcel


Following are some of the ways through which you can track your package with the help of Canada post tracking.

  1. Deliveries update by email

The Canada post would give you the email updates about the packages that where it is now and when it will reach.  This email updates would give the customers the ease of knowing the information related to the package.

  1. Mobile tracking with help of smartphone

You can track your package with the help of smartphone which would give the updates about the packages anytime when you want to know. For the smartphone tracking you have to use the app of Canada post tracking so that you can get the timely update.

  1. Item tracking using reference number

The Canada post tracking service provides you the facility of item tracking with the help of reference number. The reference number is allocated to the parcel and with this number you can track the whole journey of the parcel. The reference number which would be given to the parcel can be used to track the package. This number would be enter to the Canada post tracking website and would give you the current and the latest status about the package.

  1. Automated parcel tracking

One of the best services that the Canada post is offering is the automated parcel tracking system. Through this system the package would be tracked automatically and the latest updates about the packages would be send to the customers.


Some of the value added features of Canada post tracking


  1. Tracking and delivery
  2. Customs clearance
  3. Coverage options (up to $100)
  4. Signature
  5. Pick up services

Canada post tracking online tools

  1. Post Track your item using EST desktop
  2. Get your shipment status information
  3. Signature option
  4. Post office locator
  5. Delivery confirmation
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