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China Post tracking today stands at a very prestigious crossroads. With annual postal revenues trailing only those of Germany and the United States, and a population density at the approximate midpoint between the two, it seemingly possesses unrivaled potential to harness market forces to leverage improvements. While China Post tracking has made significant progress through various restructuring and investments, the State Post Bureau, China’s regulator for postal and express delivery services, has enacted rules and regulations that protect China Post tracking from outside competition, and has not disclosed quantifiable statistics about performance standards for timely and accurate delivery.  To compete globally the China Post tracking combined several thousand small processing units into 200-plus central offices. New sorting facilities were built, a new central computer system was installed and a separate transportation system for express mail was developed, among other improvements. These advances proved fruitful, with year-on-year revenue increases for both letters and parcels by over 20 percent.


china post tracking


China Post tracking plays an important role in the rural economy.  With 70,000 postal branches and 38,000 financial services outlets, it is one the world’s largest companies and a vital economic spine for rural Chinese. Nationally, each permanent post office serves 28,700 Chinese, according to Universal Postal Union (UPU) estimates (See below: For purposes of comparison, that rate is 16,500 in Brazil, 10,700 in the United States, and generally about half of that in most European Union states). China Post averaged three deliveries per week in rural areas, down from five per week in 2010, also based on UPU estimates.


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Customers want to be able to track their shipment. A track and trace system recording precise information on order status is essential and must show the entire order life-cycle, from booking to return. Tracking information should be clear, accurate and, preferably, in real time. Track-and-trace systems can also help find misrouted orders, delayed orders and other bottlenecks in the delivery chain that affect the quality of e-commerce transactions. An order can be deployed in multiple deliveries, usually at the request of the seller, not the buyer. The operator provides with the tracking number this helps the buyer monitor orders and reduces the number of after-sales requests related to the status of delivery.

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China Post Tracking – Robots on China Post

China Post tracking include


International services for China Post tracking include Small Parcel, Large Package and EMS. The Small parcel and large package of China Post can be tracked if registered. According to transportation the china post tracking is divided into three categories

  • Air Parcel, Surface Air Lift (SAL)
  • Parcel and Surface Parcel.

China post tracking air mail/parcel is the mostly used one which is cheap and convenient. EMS is faster than China Post Mail tracking but more expensive.


China post tracking is a free information service


China post tracking is a free information service that helps track the parcel from China.

You can to enter the tracking number parcel and our shipment tracking system quickly finds out where it is now. This service helps to find information about a package from public sources. To get started with the service you need to figure a delivery service which package was sent. Once you know the number and the delivery service you can select a required service from the list below.


China Post Tracking Number


The china post tracking system works with the tracking number you just have to put the tracking number and the rest of work is done by the service provider. Then you should track your package in your local post or delivery service. For this purpose we have collected a list of the main online postal services and international companies. Now all the necessary information is in one place and you will not need to look for it on different resources.


china post tracking


China post tracking API


The china post tracking system provides China Post Tracking API for developers to track China Post packages. This API system helps to track the package and will keep the customers up to date with the latest status of their package. This will give the overall view of their package journey from start to its ultimate destination. This system gives the notification when the package leaves the warehouse and when it reached its ultimate destination. This notification system helps the package holder to track its package easily anytime, anywhere and when the customer wants. The API system gives china post tracking key known as API key. This API key would help to check the status of the package. Following are some of the tracking status which this API key generates with the help of china post tracking system.

  1. Pending
  2. Not found
  3. Transit
  4. Pick up
  5. Delivered
  6. Undelivered
  7. Exception
  8. Expired
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