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What is DHL?


It was basically founded in the year 1969 and its main duty was to deliver the documents between San Francisco and Honolulu. Later on as the company established so it spread its business across the whole world in 1970’s. DHL express is rather the division of Deutsche Post providing international mail and express services,

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What is DHL supply chain?


A complete logistics solution to our supply chain and customized offer are given by the DHL supply chain. It gives a complete perspective from the manufacturer to the supplier and hence finally to the retailer enabling an operational excellence in every single stage that occur in the supply of the product. Design management and execution are the services that range that are consulting the DHL supply chain. The DHL supply chain basically has two businesses one is contract logistics business which is concerned mainly with the ground base supply chain management services such as warehousing, just in time services and distribution and the other business is named as freight management business which as a matter of fact include air freight, ocean freight, forwarding custom brokerages and multi modal services etc.


DHL Tracking and DHL 

Services offered by DHL



 The DHL Company offers many services to its customers all over the globe and among its finest services which it renders are as follows

  • DHL express
  • DHL solutions
  • DHL global forwarding
  • DHL tracking


DHL Express

The DHL express service usually encompasses international, prepaid, domestics and logistics services. The advantage which you can derive from the prepaid services is that you can enjoy all inclusive flat-rates prepaid pricing free pick-ups and a guarantee delivery by 12 pm of the next business day. DHL express is the leading global provider of the international roads, air and rail based couriers and express services for business and private customers.


DHL Solutions


The services offered under the DHL solutions include mainly the supply chain management , value added services like quality control, warehousing, return and supply logistics, distribution, outsourcing and outbound fulfillments. This brand indeed offers a wide range of services to cater needs and requirements.


DHL global forwarding  


The main function rendered by DHL global forwarding is that to provide a wide range of the freight solutions irrespective of the weight and dimension. This service include the international air and the ocean freight as well as the European overland transportation services it mainly offers exact and the accurate solution rather than customized solutions for the major logistics projects and the comprehensive customs services.



dhl trackingOnline shopping trend has revolutionized the whole economy of the world people now days are really comfort seeking they want all the things that they desire at their doorsteps because the world is getting busier and busier as one day goes down and the new day arises it has got its own challenges to be accomplished and the problems that are to be solved because the world has now enter in the new era of the development and the progress and has become an economic hub.

Online shopping is good in many respects because you need not to go to the shopping Centre and get your whole time wasted in the mall in order to acquire one product with the ease of the new technology the internet has made the world a global village and on the internet we can buy the products that are desired by us and we could place our order with in no time than that product reaches to us in many ways and in those ways one of the safest way is the delivery of any business essentials or any other product through the services which are rendered by the DHL. When the order is made the DHL provides a tracking ID known as the DHL tracking ID. This DHL tracking ID is very important for most of the people who make the use of the online markets for the buying of the many products DHL tracking ID provides an ease to the customer who is very eager in order to know about the current status of his product for example from where exactly his or her product is coming from? How much time

This DHL tracking ID is very important for most of the people who make the use of the online markets for the buying of the many products DHL tracking ID provides an ease to the customer who is very eager in order to know about the current status of his product for example from where exactly his or her product is coming from? How much time it would take to be here? When did his or her product arrived or why yet not the product been delivered? The answer to all these question the DHL tracking provides and as well as fully assure them as well.

No matter where so ever you are the DHL tracking will keep your shipment above the top all the time. The DHL tracking has its own unique system that keeps you informed at every hour or at any place where you may be. The DHL tracking brings to you every single detail of your shipment if it has reached a new place or some change of plans are there regarding the shipment all the details are send to you at your very personal computer, laptops, tablets, mobile phone or through any mean of communication

THE DHL tracking spreads the information throughout the organization in such a manner that the site operator, sales representative and the mobile personnel could be well aware of all the information that the customer requires. One major advantage of the DHL tracking is that it is available to all the customers regardless of how they book or prepare the shipment for their products or documents.

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There are various and many convenient ways to keep in touch with the DHL tracking and they are illustrated as under

Fast track on

Open the website and what you need to do is to enter the DHL tracking ID  and submit it than you would be able to track your product and its route towards the destination as well one of the great advantage is that you could be able to find out the tracking of at least 10 shipments of yours by going in to the more option which would be given right over there.

DHL e track

Another way of DHL tracking shipment is through the DHL e track in this way of DHL tracking you can send an e-mail and could get the information of your shipment and its exact place. All what is required is the DHL tracking ID which would help in tracking your very own product sometimes people have more than one shipment and they want the information about all of them than they need not to worry about it they also have to enter the DHL tracking ID of all the shipments which they have and send it on the e-mail and then within a couple of minutes they will be well aware of the destination where there product really is at that moment of time.


There is another way by which DHL tracking would be access able with in no time all what required is that you have to download the DHL tool bar and then in there you would be able  to track your shipment by giving your DHL tracking ID in there and then you would be able to know about all the tracking information which you were eager about to know and all this would be in front of you in a couple of moments .

DHL express SMS

DHL tracking is now much more easier than ever what you require for the tracking is your phone and the DHL tracking ID you could now SMS your DHL tracking ID on the numbers provided by the DHL and hence, by SMS you could be able to track your shipment were ever you want as long as your phone is in your hand the information about the shipment is generally provided to you with in a brink of the minute or perhaps within seconds.

DHL express WAP

Customer anywhere around the world no matter where he lives if he or she has the access to the WAP device than it would rather be easier for each customer in order to track their shipment through the DHL tracking system and they would be well aware of their shipment where exactly it is and in how much time would it be taking in order to reach its destined place and if there are some issues regarding the tracking than the DHL tracking system will assist you in your problems and it would give satisfactory solutions for your problems.

DHL speed tracking

DHL tracking service also offers also offers another service that of speed tracking in this service the customer has to put its DHL tracking ID and send it than he would be receiving the data about his or her shipment and the way along which the shipment is and it would inform you about the exact location and the time as well the main advantage of this service is that it provides its customer with the detail information regarding the shipment if any new progress has been made and when the shipment is arrived than an alert message is sent to the customer about his shipment arrival.

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