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What is FedEx and FedEx Tracking?


Fred Smith founded the FedEx cooperation in 1973. Nowadays, with a fully integrated physical and virtual infrastructure, FedEx‘s business model supports 24 to 48 hour delivery to anywhere in the world. It operates one of the large steal-time, online client/server networks in the world. The core competencies of FedEx are now is in express transportation and in e-solutions.

Services rendered by FedEx


These customers are provided value creation with the knowledge that can greatly increase efficiencies through the supply chain. FedEx Trade Networks offers a full range of international support services, including customs clearance, freight forwarding, Trade & Customs Advisory Services (TCAS) and trade technology solutions. THE PROBLEM/OPPORTUNITY Initially, FedEx grew out of pressures from mounting inflation and global competition. These pressures gave rise to greater demands on businesses to expedite deliveries at a low cost and to improve customer services. FedEx didn‘t have a business problem per se but, rather, has endeavored to stay ahead of the competition by looking ahead at every stage for opportunities to meet customers’ needs for fast, reliable, and affordable overnight deliveries. Lately, the Internet has provided an inexpensive and accessible platform upon which FedEx has seen further opportunities to expand its business scope, both geographically and in terms of service offerings. FedEx offers

  • 100percent customer service
  • 0% downtime.



FedEx tracking


A prime software application used by FedEx is e-Shipping Tools, a Web-based shipping application that allows customers to check the status of shipments through the company’s Web page. FedEx is also providing integrated solutions to address the entire selling and supply chain needs of its customers. FedEx markets several e-commerce hardware/software solutions. FedEx Power Ship MC (a multicarrier hardware/software system), FedEx Ship Manager Server (a hardware/software system providing high-speed transactions and superior reliability, allowing an average of eight transactions per second), FedEx Ship API (an Internet-based application that allows customization, eliminating redundant programming), and FedEx Net-Return(a Web-based item-return management system). This infrastructure is now known as FedEx Direct Link. It enables business-to-business electronic commerce through combinations of global virtual private network (VPN) connectivity, Internet connectivity, leased-line connectivity, and VAN (value-added network) connectivity. Below provides an example of one of FedEx‘s e-commerce solutions. It shows how FedEx customers can tap into a network of systems through the Internet. Whenever a customer place the order it is sent to a FedEx Web server. Information about the order and the customer is then sent to the merchant‘s PC, and a message is sent to the customer to confirm receipt of the order. After the order is received and acknowledged, the FedEx Web server sends the information to site.



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FedEx Tracking USA


The aim of FedEx is no matter what you’re shipping, when and where you are shipping the FedEx Freight the FedEx Express, the FedEx Ground and the FedEx Home Delivery service will make sure that you get your package delivered on time. This can only be done if you are using the FedEx for your package delivering. The FedEx tracking tool can provide you the information you need and with level of interest you want and will tell you all the details you want about your package. With all the details they also take care of the level of convenience of their customers by providing and sharing all the details with them.

The FedEx Tracking tools on give you detail and flexible access to all the information which you need on status of your shipments. They will let you follow and manage them in the way that makes the most sense to you.

Following are some of the FedEx innovation

  • FedEx overnight package delivery
  • Computerized package tracking system of FedEx generally known as cosmos,
  • The hub and spoke system of FedEx ,
  • Just in time
  • Build to order
  • Fusion of technology use of handheld.

Due to all these innovation of FedEx, the cooperation tends to moves the packages faster to their ultimate destination, due to which the customers of FedEx can effectively manage their cost and they have 96% delivery in time ratio. The FedEx become so powerful and successful through their unique events, their quality standard and their packaging and solutions.



FEDEX Tracking and FEDEX 



Radio frequency identification devices (RFID) are low-cost tags that assist in the tracking of goods and vehicles. These devices are placed on items and can either be active, only emitting a signal when queried by an outside source. In order to track goods, readers (either hand-held or fixed) need to be installed to track and record the numbers from the RFID devices affixed to each product or container. Installation of these readers, however, adds additional costs which would be assumed by the shipper or passed along to the consumer/end user. RFID tags are limited in the number that can be screened by each reader at one time. Tagging the unit containing these loose goods is a more practical solution. RFID tags may not be practical for all applications, including tracking liquids and items wrapped in metal or foil, as these environments can create interference. The RFID tags only serve as a tracking Cargo and vehicle tracking is the ability to trace goods, their containers, and their conveyances from the point of origin to their destination. Tracking is increasingly associated with information transfer using smarter tools such as radio frequency identification devices and global positioning systems. The RFID tags only serve as a tracking mechanism; they do not possess any effective security applications. To work properly, specific frequencies will need to be designated for RFID use only. Government assistance and cooperation is needed in order to prevent interference with other existing devices and applications. While RFID development is progressing rapidly, three issues could limit its spread in the near future. First, there is an ongoing intellectual property dispute regarding parts of the specifications related to commercializing the electronic product code (EPC) technology. Second, EPC Global, the nonprofit organization charged with commercializing the EPC technology, and the International Standardization Organization (ISO) differ on the specification dealing with the numbering systems to which RFID tags relate. Finally, many of the products being sold are not fully upgradeable to the next generation of RFID technology that will be released shortly. Authentication of Customs Procedures Tracking can help verify the identity and contents of a vehicle or cargo container, and its use coupled with risk management techniques that make some of the current customs procedures redundant. Elimination of those redundant procedures would expedite the customs examination process and increase the assurance that the vehicle or cargo container is safe and originates from an authorized or legitimate shipper.




Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking utilizes satellites to monitor fleets of vehicles or cargo containers, thereby ensuring there are no unplanned stops and that a pre-planned route is followed. Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellite systems use satellites that orbit the earth in order to continuously monitor a particular area continuously. These satellite mapping areas can be as large as North America or Australia, yet can identify individual containers and vehicles. Networks of multiple satellites that sweep the globe and monitor activity all over the world comprise Low Earth Orbit (LEO) systems. This category includes voice-capable ―big LEO‘s‖ and lower cost, data-only systems dubbed ―little LEO‘s. ‖Satellite systems are only viable options for tracking when the transmitter located on the vehicle or cargo has a direct connection of sight to the satellite. They are consequently impractical when utilized on double-stacked railcars, in the holds of vessels, and in the stacks at container yards. GPRS is utilized to send the information to and fro from a GPS enable device in the remote areas. GPRS also helpful in integrating and sending information on additional units like sensors and other functionalities based on the requirements

Track the shipment online with Reference Number


FedEx began to offer its Internet Services which allowed its customers to track their shipments online.  They can track their shipment online by means of a reference number that they keyed into the web front end of the online tracking system.

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FedEx Internet ship now offers

  • Onscreen preparation
  • Printing out of air-shipment documents
  • Keeping record of address books on the FedEx server

FedEx Virtual order helps business to get online by giving them software which enables them to set up online catalogue that resides on a FedEx secure server. This user interface links into a FedEx offer-handling system that registers online customer orders and assigns confirmation numbers, then passes the order to the software at the customer or the merchant. The merchant then packs the order possibly with automatic inventory updating and the merchant software generates shipping labels for the shipment by FedEx.


Value chain for FedEx Express


The value chain for FedEx Express can be seen as starting with the pick-up of the packages. FedEx employees gather the packages from various locations .Value is created for the customers by making package pick-ups possible just about anywhere or anytime. If your package does not arrive at time then FedEx will offer you a money back guarantee, therefore creating value by assuring timely delivery of the packages. After the packages are picked up, they then must be transported to a hub. The hub will help to sort the packages according to their destinations. The packages will pass through many phases before reaching their final destination. The packages stay at the hub until they are picked up and shipped either by truck or plane to their final destination. The package delivery is the greatest value creation activity for FedEx Express. The drivers of the planes and trucks must perform their activities efficiently to increase the perceived value of the service. The drivers must absolutely no matter what, get the packages to their destinations on time, and they do a good job in doing so. By meeting and exceeding the customers ‘expectations value is increased with each positive result.

Customer Service


fedex tracking

The final primary activity is customer service. This function is to provide after sales service and support, however, FedEx provides customer service during the use of the service by letting customers track their package while it‘s in route. This creates extreme value for customers because they are able to check the status of their package at any given moment for an increased sense of security. Each of the primary activities is able to take place due to support activities such as company infrastructure, which is planes, buildings, trucks etc. Information systems, another support activity, allow the customers to track their products and place orders on-line.

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